Learn French: One Word A Day

My goal for this blog is to share ideas of how to have a fine lifestyle with all the "trimmings," and to be able to do it on a budget. How perfect to have discovered a blog, that not only features a French "word a day," but also features many beautiful photos, as well as sharing their daily stories living in France. 

Photo Credit: French Word-A-Day
French Word-A-Day began in 1999 when ex-pat, Kristin from Phoenix, Arizona decided to share a piece of Provence from her office in the various cafés along the French Riviera. Although she majored in French, Kristin still struggled daily with the language. What started out as handwritten café letters, eventually became blog posts, and the blog posts became books. She also shares many travel tips, as well. 

Photo Credit: French Word-A-Day
Since Kristin originally started, she has decreased her journal of French words now to "thrice weekly." To learn three French words in a week, instead of seven, sounds like "C'est du gâteau!"(piece of cake!) You may also subscribe for free to French Word-A-Day, so you'll find your new French words in your email - thrice weekly. 

If this lovely site, French-Word-A-Day doesn't get you in a French mood, then I don't know what will. 


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