Talk to the moon ...

When I was a little girl, we would often be surprised around midnight or in the wee early morning by my father. He would wake us from slumber to show us a surprise in the sky or a rocket blast-off being shown on television. Dad would also come home from work in the afternoon if there was an solar eclipse, bringing with him a special pair of glasses to protect our eyes as we peered up to the disappearing sun.

Growing up, there would be full moons, looking for the "man in the moon," and witches flying their broomsticks across sky casting the shadow on the autumn moon. As a child we would watch for shooting stars and encouraged to make wishes.

To this day, I watch for alerts by NASA for special performances in our sky sponsored by Mother Nature. No doubt my neighbors must think I am odd as I sit out in my lawn chair watching the moon, the planets, and shooting stars. I am the person who can sit on the beach all day and do nothing but be mesmerized by the rolling waves going in and out, and in and out, and ...

All of us talk about the moon, we often think about the moon, and we certainly look up at the moon, yet the moon still remains a mystery to us. Because of the mystery and fascination of the moon, it contains a magic all of its own. The allure of the moon, and even the stars, has a place in our hearts, as it did in the hearts of our early ancestors. And yes, I talk to the moon. I talk to the stars. There is a calming effect when talking to our bright magical skies. 

Go outside this evening and look up into the sky. Take your favorite beverage and relax. It is one of the most calming experiences. It's the time to count your blessings, and find the answers you have been searching for; or even think about someone special out in the world who is also sharing the same big round moon with you.  

"The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to." - Carl Sandburg


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