Inspirations for the Weekend ...

I cannot take credit for this one, but it sure spoke to me. This comes from the blog, Morning, Computer. 

I Steal Time. 

Walking in London with a friend from America who works in film.  I stopped at a roundabout near Covent Garden, looked up.  He asked what I was looking at.  Everything, I said.  It’s my practice.  I take five minutes every day just for me, to look around and see where I am and be there.  Thirty-five minutes a week.  Over twenty years, that’s something over six hundred hours I’ve taken just for myself.

It’s easy to feel like you’re living on borrowed time, and that time is running out.  For five minutes a day, I like to turn the hourglass the other way.  I’ve stolen six hundred hours from the countdown clock that the world would have drained away from me had I let it. 

 My friend instantly decided that I was Not Normal and regarded me warily for the rest of the day. 


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