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It's fun!

Some evenings, while I still want to be entertained, but don't want to watch TV or read, Pinterest is the answer. 

What is Pinterest, you ask? Think of it as a bulletin board, scrapbook, or file folder, and you are going to save your "clippings" and tag them on your board, scrapbook, or in your folder. Like any free social media tool, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, first you are going to create your profile and then you will want to collect some "friends."
Decorating Ideas
As a user of Pinterest, you can upload, save, sort, and manage special images or any media content (aka "Pins"), such as recipes, DIY projects, collectibles, travel, cars, media tips, and anything else that may be of interest to you. 
I Need
It is especially a great source for recipes. If I try out a recipe and if it's a keeper, I will always have a safe place to store them. If the recipe ends up it isn't quite to my "taste," then I can delete. One tip I have found, is in the case of recipes and instructions, I always follow through to find the list of ingredients and read, as sometimes they may take you to a site for the ingredients, and the site may be dead. 
Butter Me Up
There are many applications to use depending on your device, but I always recommend to first sign up using a browser, such as Google, Firefox, or Safari; and then go from there. Once you set your profile and get a few "boards," started, then it is easy to work the apps on your pad or phone. 
Delish Drinks
Take a "stroll" on the main page and you will see many ideas that may be of interest to you. Go to "search" and click the tab to look for certain collections, or type in your interest. Once you get a few boards going, then Pinterest will pop up new "Pins" that will be of interest to you based on what you have previously pinned. 
Delish Desserts
Now follow the instructions and create a couple of boards. Here are some examples and titles of my boards: Chocolate, Delish Dish, Delish Drinks, Delish Desserts, Winter, How My Garden Grows, No Reason, and many others. 
Comforting Quote
Another way to gather "Pins" for your boards, is to add the "Pin It" button to your favorite web browser, such as Google, Firefox, or Safari.  It's a handy pin if you see a recipe or instructions from a different web page, other than the Pinterest page, that you would like to save on your Pinterest board. 
No Reason
Pinterest can be another form of being social, such as you can follow old friends and new, and see what their interests are, which also allows you a new venue of possible "Pins" to be added to your boards, as well as new idea for boards.  You may also create "shared" boards inviting friends with shared interests. There are "secret" boards that are not shared with the Pinterest population - - but that's no fun, unless you are keeping a surprise. 
Tea Cup Garden
"Pins" will often have a detailed comment from the previous pinner, but you can change the comment and make it your own before and after you "Pin It."  
I Need - Paris Apartment
Hopefully, this describes Pinterest and will encourage you to use this fun social media tool, as I often see many friends and familiar names who have created profiles, but they have not yet created any boards.
Delish Dishes (So he ain't food, but he is delicious!)
Now go and find your "Pinspiration" and "Pin It!"

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