Dear Passementaries

Dear Passementaries, 

Honest, I really haven't ignored you on purpose. You see, there is this thing about every day life, duties, illness, heart ache, reflection, and sometimes just plain "foo" gets in the way. I will admit, I have been cheating on you a bit. There are books and articles to write, that have deadlines conspired by other people's schedules, and not mine. 

It's true, we missed some good holidays that we could ramble on and on about, but there is always tomorrow, right? Please tell me there is always tomorrow. 

In the mean time, how about a little poem? Something to ponder and dream about. I miss you, too. I'll be back. 


Moon, will you come and take me from this place? 
Even if only for a while. 
Let me leave behind these earthbound things... 
sickness, and pain, 
 and all things body. 
Just reach right in and pull me out... 
Take me away to your space. 

I want to spend the night dancing with you... 
Telling stories til we can no longer speak. 
I want to sit silently with you 
as I look on Earth with a new kind of awe... 
I want to watch Sun rise from your Moondust... 
right before you take me back...
 back to my body...
 back to my new day... 

With the memory of that Sunrise, 
I know my morning will start blissfully, 
no matter how my body objects. 

Will you come for me tonight, 
my sweet, and blessed Moon?


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