Passementaries Needed a Business Card

Why do I need a business card? 

It's the good start to a business.  A business card is the first impression of your brand. Business cards show you are prepared. 

Am I going to go into business? 

Many of you may remember that I was co-partner of "Haulin' Sass," a cute little vintage trailer that popped up at venues and flea markets and sold a variety of vintage decor and accessories. Time and things change, but what didn't change is retail is in my blood. 

Writing will come first, as I continue to remain a "starving artist" and continue to pursue my writing for lifestyle, wine, and local history-related magazine publishers, and even my second book (I am currently contracted to write) - - and maybe a third and fourth book. But damn, once again retail is in my blood. Even when I was answering phones at funeral homes, or plunking out boring legal documents at legal firms, retail was in my blood. 

As I look back I have been trying to figure out where these retail cells come from? I did have two aunts in the antique biz, so possibly that is it? I was a member of DECA (Distributing Education Clubs of America) in high school. DECA is an international association for high schools and colleges (Delta Epsilon Chi) teaching leadership, marketing, management and entrepreneurship in business. Hey, I took it for an easy "A" and a credit, but maybe its teachings rubbed off. Suppose?  

However, this chick does not want to sit at a brick and mortar all day. This chick doesn't want the overhead, so I'm thinking that Passementaries will go vagabond. Instead of a trailer, this chick will pitch a canopy. Passementaries will be a wanderer, a nomadic, but will do it with style - - a propriétaire of new, vintage, and "up-cycled" decor for the home - - "Simple trimmings for an elegant life." 

I really have no plan. I have thrown this out into the universe and the universe will guide me and give me direction. It always does. So far the universe has given me a couple of opportunities to be a vendor at a few vintage markets, and plans are being made to do a pop-up or two or three... one never knows where I may "pop up!"

In the future, I may even post special items for purchase - - here - - on this blog. So please stay tuned.  


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