Decor Trends: Do you or do you not?

Since I have been working from home, I have become more in tune to my surroundings. I am not really one to follow "trends." I never have been. I wear basic black, and I wear cheap cotton shirts. However, I spend my dollars on classic styles of purses, shoes, and coats - items that will last me a lifetime - with hopes to never replace. Maybe I am the same with my home. 

It is rare that I buy new furniture. I buy new "old" furniture and accessories. Always have. I inherited many pieces of old vintage furniture and just continued to add to the style. I would say my home furnishings are a cross between Victorian funeral home "parlour" + BoHo-Chic.  

I was doing "shabby chic" before it was "in style." Who knew? I don't throw away old perfume bottles or bath powder containers where "puffs" were used. French tapestries and old museum prints framed in gaudy gold frames are on the walls, and old "girly" looking wicker is in the bedroom with some classic art nouveau scattered around. It's me. I am not going to change, no matter what the "trends," state. 

It's not to say that I don't check in with the trends, because I do. It's usually about curiosity. Sometimes the fortune tellers of trends will almost reaffirm that my surroundings are "cool," after all - along with bringing me an idea, or two. 

The Glamily Room 
For 2016, House Beautiful says to make your family room a "Glamily Room." Make it sexy, but functional. Wing back chairs and ottomans upholstered with old quilts and gunny sacks. Stacks of books can be displays for candles and treasures from Mother Nature. We love our chandeliers, but 2016 is the year for the statement hanging pendant. 
Rose Quartz Looking Glass Orbs (Decoist)
Pedestals are in, but make them functional. The tall pedestal in the shape of a Roman column or an old rectangle box, should be primed to exhibit a Greek sculpture, a fern, or a roost for the house cat.  
A perch for the cat or the fern (Interior Design)
We're back to pastels, but think warm pastels, not baby pastels. According to Interior Design it's about the dusty pink you would find in a piece of rose quartz, or the soft blue color in a robin's egg. Steel grays are out, but warmer shades of gray are in especially when blended with warm and rich metallic accents of gold and copper. Or;

Whatever makes you comfortable and brings you peace. Comfy can still be attractive. 


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