Fairy Tales

On many of the decor and craft sites, especially Pinterest, I keep noticing all of the fairy themes: fairy parties, fairy gardens, fairy flower pots, and even fairy-themed treats; such as "Fairy Bread." 
Selected photos from Pinterest
There is a side of me that has been paying attention to the recent fairy themes, and especially a side where old memories keep popping up. Several years ago - - okay almost like twenty years ago - - a couple of friends and I rented a lodge in the woods for a weekend and hosted several other craft-minded friends for a "Fairy in the Forest" weekend. We crafted, we laughed, we ate, we drank, we even dressed as fairies for our final "formal" dinner - wings and all! 

With this new surge of fairy popularity, I rattled through my own display case of treasures and miniatures, and found a few things in my collection. 

Fairies squatting on my turf. 
It's my opinion that when we start talking about fairy parties and teas, we tend to limit ourselves and strictly think that these type of events are only for children. Oh my - -  one couldn't be more wrong. While fairy gardens and parties are a wonderful and magical way to spend quality time with children, as well as encouraging their creativity and imagination; I also believe that adults need some "quality" time to relax, laugh, reminisce, create, and just giggle, too. Hey! We're under a lot of pressure, and a fairy gathering; whether for dress-up or crafting, is a sure way to rid of the stress and take us away for a few hours.

For me the magic of the fairy garden or a fairy diorama is not to use any fairies (dolls and statues) in the settings. The magic is to see the fairy's house, their garden, and what the fairies dine on - the magic is to see the world of the fairies while "they are away" - - ummm... away and busy being fairies! The magic is keeping the secret that at least you know where they live. Shhh... 

Of course, Fairies love teas and setting a tea party for the fairies is easy  - - it is a matter of thinking "small." Look around your household, even a round oat style piece of cereal (rhymes with "heerios") makes for a perfect doughnut. Paint the doughnut with a bit of chocolate brown or pink paint from a tooth pick and you have frosting! A wooden bead covered with colored caulking and set on a bottle cap or a button makes a perfect fairy cake. 
I set a table of cakes and cookies for the fairies (and it's all gluten-free)
Keep the neighbors guessing or giving your children a bit of magic is as simple as a little door. This door made of wooden slats with a small heart-shaped cut-out looks darling attached to the base of your favorite old tree.* 

Doors available at Love of Junk Vintage Market
If you haven't signed up for Pinterest, and you love getting decor and garden ideas, and recipes; kind of like clipping pictures from your favorite magazines, I would recommend it. You will be delighted at all of the fairy ideas available, too. Say "Good night, Tinkerbell." 

Good night, Tinkerbell!

*The fairy tree doors will be available by me at Love of Junk, Walla Walla's Vintage Market, June 17th-18th. Look for me, "Passementaries" as I will be sharing a tent with local antique business, "Three Doors Down."


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