Boho: The Bohemian World of Decor

I cannot help myself! I was a child of the 1960-70's.  We were embracing our own style beyond the extinct slaughtered Nauga that our mothers upholstered their furniture with. We were the children of the world. We wanted to teach the "World to Sing in Perfect Harmony!

My parents would never have agreed to letting their guests sit in bean bag chairs and dining around cable spools. I could hear my father now if my mother brought home strands of bead dividers to hang in the door wells instead of using doors. He would have said something to the effect of "French whorehouse... " as he would often use the term "French whorehouse" if he smelled an overpowering floral scent - - and being a youngster, I didn't ask how he knew what such a house smelled like, let alone did I know anything about his time in France. 

So, where did this term "Bohemian" come from? In the true sense, Bohemia is a region in the Czech Republic. Figuratively it is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, and often in the company and spirit of other like-minded people who are involved in music, art, or literary pursuits. It can be as whimsical and romantic with beads, lace, and old world tapestry, or simplistic as a well loved chair and collection of poetry. The name, Bohemians is often referred to artists, adventurers, and the roving Romani people. 

Apartment Therapy  nailed it with their article, "10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Style is Bohemian." I will admit, I use to be guilty of many of these signs. However, marriage to a traditionalist has a way of changing you a bit - - just a bit. After my divorce I went back to some of my Boho decor ways - - and I don't care anymore. Listed below are the 10 signs, along with my answers.  Do leave me a comment about your Boho decor. 

1. Your favorite colors are tie-dye and suzani.

I can honestly say I don't have any tie-dye or suzani decor, other than in my clothes closet. There is still an old tie-dye Dead Head t-shirt I cannot part with, and a few suzani-style scarves. 

Photo from Pinterest
2. You haven’t seen an actual, honest-to-goodness floor since 2010.

There are still a few Persian-style rugs and vintage hook rugs about, but not as much as there use to be.

3. You own more plants than furniture.

Since the day I adopted two twin cats from the same litter, Crosby and Nash (even the names are Bohemian), indoor plants have gone away. Someday I may try to build up another collection of African Violets. I loved them. African Violets reminded me of my grandmother. 

Photo from Apartment Therapy
4. Morocco called the other day and they want all their ottomans, lanterns and pillows back.

Damn! They found out about me. Guilty as charged! Okay, but without the hookah. 

Photo from Apartment Therapy
Photo from Pinterest

5. You know that the only thing that works with pattern is another pattern. 

Never guilty of that. Never been into patterns unless the pattern looked like a rose garden or polka dots. 

6. You tie your shoelaces with macramé knots.

Oh, I was certainly guilty of tying knots, but was just as fast as I could tie a knot, I was quick to rid of them. In fact, I could never find much beauty in a macramé wall hanging. They made me queasy.

Photo from Apartment Therapy
7. You'll embrace minimalism right after Elton John does. 

Arrest me or bury me, but it will be the only way for one to remove my various collections from my home. Collections of old vintage perfume bottles in the bathroom, stacks of books, Mercury glass candle holders on the mantle, stacks of books, Depression glass of every shade, stacks of books, drawers of old embroidered linens and doilies, stacks of books, French tapestries on the wall, stacks of books, vintage tea cups, stacks of books, bars and bars of lavender soap, stacks of books, vintage beaded purses hung about, stacks of books, clumps of amethyst crystals about, stacks of books, collection of Japanese Netsukes and thimbles, and other miniatures; and stacks of books... Did I mention stacks of books?

Photo from Apartment Therapy
8. You have no idea where this "mall" is that everyone keeps talking about. 

It's true. Never been one to patronize a mall. Give me a downtown filled with odd little new and vintage shops. I enjoy hunting for treasures. 

9. You like your mattresses low, and your canopies high.

Not guilty, and never been guilty, I want to spring from my mattress instead of crawling away from it. 

10. "Beaded curtain” is a custom setting on your sound machine.

In memory of dear old dad - - no way! Do you want my place to "sound" like a "French Whorehouse?" 
Photo from Apartment Therapy


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