My New Favorite Color: Shutters of Provence

People that really know me, know that I enjoy a glass of wine once in awhile. Some may even tell you I have my moments of a little wine knowledge... 

Lately my favorite go-to wine has been those wonderful cool, crisp, and oh-so very pretty pink rosés; especially those from the Provence region in France. Provence in on my bucket list of places I want to visit. 

In Provence there are shutters painted blue - and yet it is a blue unlike any traditional blue. Perhaps it is the southern sun that brings out the faded and weathered shades of periwinkle blue or the soft purplish blue reminiscent of the neighboring fields of lavender. In fact, I noticed on some of the clear curvy pretty bottles of French rosés seem to express the color notes of Provence with the periwinkle blue-colored foil and label suggestive of the area's shutters so striking against the yellow-ochre colored buildings. 
So pretty, and the wine was delicious, too. 
My thoughts to world peace and harmony? 

We need more of the rich, yet patinated shades of blue and lavender from Provence on our houses and in our rooms. Oh, and more flower gardens, too. In fact, boxes of flower gardens, and old and unusual containers of flowers. Oh, and pretty pink drinks are always good...  More French chocolate and pastries? How can it hurt? 

Photos of buildings from Pinterest


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