The Book Nook Report: A Kitchen in France

Can't make it to France this week? Relax. Grab a glass of your favorite French wine, or a cuppa tea. This page turner will take you away. 

This book, A Kitchen in France: A Year of Cooking in My Farmhouse was a Christmas gift from last year, and I have been turning the pages ever since - and over again. With every page, I find something I hadn't noticed before, whether it is in the photos or the text. Mimi Thorisson, the author of the popular blog, The Manger is the creator of this beautiful book. She spent her childhood holidays in Paris, and the south of France. 

In this current book by Mimi, she chronicles the family's meals and life in her old farmhouse that was formerly an old abandoned chateau. A few years ago Mimi and her husband, photographer Oddur Thorisson moved their large family of six children and several dogs, and moved from their Paris apartment to this historic farmhouse which is located in the French countryside of Médoc.

This book is more than recipes. The Thorisson's have shared their experiences in blending city and country cuisine with visits to the market, along with Oddur's beautiful photographs of the farmhouse, and most of all, Mimi's succulent dishes. I know deep in my heart before I even read the complete recipes, they are all filled with glorious butter - - from her roast chicken to her apple tart, yet still using fresh ingredients.  

Mimi has a new book soon to be released on October 25, French Country Cooking: Meals and Moments from a Village in the Vineyards. It promises to be filled with more beautiful photos of the countryside of France, and of course the food. It's already on my Christmas wish list. 


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