I Am So Busy: Happy Heart

A while back I ran across this article, The Disease of Being Busy. Just how busy are we? Are we so busy that our hearts are not happy? 

A few years ago, I was busy, being busy! Today? Not so much, but I do keep busy. The difference? Over two years ago I was in the survival mode. Worked a full-time job, Monday through Friday, and on weekends I worked as a part-time winery attendant. Let's add to that time frame I also went back to school for a couple of years with a 13-credit hour load, and then upon that I found myself working on my writing to keep up with an accidental following of wine lovers. (No one was suppose to be reading me. I was just doing some casual wine journaling... )

Today I still keep busy - - but always find time to "smell the roses," so to speak... I am working on my happy heart. If I wanted to, I could still be as busy working many hours as years past, but I have opted not to. Was I any happier with more money to spend? No. Sure, I am now on a budget and have cut a few things out of my life, but frankly I don't miss what I don't have. Do I regret being that busy in my past to where I forgot to look around once in awhile? No. I have no regrets, because I always learn lessons. 

Some of the few I am reading, and that doesn't count what is on my Kindle.
The lesson I learned is to stay busy doing things that make my heart happy, such as reading a couple of books at a time - at least one silly or juicy novel, and another that is perhaps a trade or inspirational book. I am trying to spend less time on social media, and spend more time on my writing. I keep busy picking up a needle, making a stitch, adding a few beads - - and plugging in the hot glue gun. I keep busy treasure hunting for "junque." I keep busy watching old classic movies, and discovering old sitcoms that are new to me.  

Catching up on old cross-stitch kits
It's very old fashioned, but terribly addictive
Recently, my newest way to keep busy is to research some recipes that are perfect for freezing. Since I no longer cook for a family for "sit-around-the-table-dinners," I have developed some bad habits. When I was "busy" I would forget to eat. I wouldn't plan for my meals, so there were a lot of instant or convenient foods from the freezer aisle, and take-out. That habit stuck, so I am working on taking the time to eat "slow" food that I have prepared using fresh ingredients, served on a nice plate, sitting down to eat, and most of all to relax. I feel so wealthy every time I look into my freezer and see all of the casseroles and soups I have prepared for the winter. 

In the past, socializing seemed constant and was more about work. Today, when I do socialize it is about gathering casually with friends, or planning a fun project. My dog's hearts are certainly happier, too. It use to be I would rush in and rush out to feed and potty them. Now, for at least a half-hour they have my focus in the mornings herding them around the yard, chatting over a cup of coffee, and we often have time for an afternoon nap together. Today I keep busy by sitting down when the mood strikes, and tapping out something on the keyboard for you to read. 

From being busy to now keeping busy is an adjustment  - - and it is not perfect, yet. However, my heart is learning to be happier. So how is your heart today?


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