The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock 
By T.S. Eliot
For I have known them all already, known them all:
Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons,
I have measured out my life with coffee spoons...

Did you think I would be talking about snuggling - - you know, that kind of "spooning?" At least I got your attention. 

Have you ever thought about collecting something, but thought you didn't have the room? There are always "smalls" - miniature items to collect and enjoy. What is it about collecting anyway? It's about the hunt - hunting for the treasure. There is satisfaction in looking at your collection or collections. Perhaps each item you collect holds a memory, a story. Also, collecting doesn't have to be expensive, either. 

Frankly I never thought that I actually collected spoons (no, not the state souvenir spoons) until I was window shopping in an import store in Seattle awhile back. The shop had a wonderful selection of "smalls" for the kitchen, and I got so focused on all of these little wooden spoons - - of course I had to buy a couple of them. I never set out to have a collection. After I got home from my visit, I realized I had several little spoons that I had became fascinated with through the years. 

Why do we even collect things? For me, collecting antiques was a hobby and something I must have "caught" from my parents. My parents had their collections. My father collected antique shot guns, and semi-precious stones in their true form, to which he would later cut and shape the stones with his "collection" of lapidary saws and tools. My mother had her various collections of glassware, Japanese porcelain, and for awhile she was into ceramic owls. Later years, she started collecting antique beaded purses. 

The National Psychologist website says there are many motivations to collect: an investment, to expand our socials lives by attending swap meats and exchanging information with other like-minded beings, to preserve the past, the quest; and of course, for pure enjoyment. These are all good and healthy reasons, which should not be confused for the unhealthy reasons such as "hoarding," but that is another story. 

For me, collecting is one of those simple "trimmings" for an elegant life - Passementaries™


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