Tabletop: Little Things

As I wrote in Treat Yourself: Use Your Pretties, it's time to open the china cabinet cupboards and drawers, and bring out your pretties and enjoy them. Why save them for your estate sale for strangers to buy, enjoy, and maybe even break? 

Decorating a home, and especially a table top does not have to be expensive. Sometimes it's the "little things" that can make all of the difference - - and when I say, "little things," I mean little - -  things. Little things such as old silver baby spoons for the marmalade or mustard jars, little dishes for individual salt cellars, and multiple little vases for a variety of garden flowers. Just a variety of "little things!"  

I do not care about polishing the silver. I like a bit of the old patina.
If you don't have a variety of little things tucked away; flea markets, thrift shops, and yard sales are a perfect place to find them and why? Because the previous owners never used these items, didn't take the time to use the items, let alone knew how to use the items. Think "small" when shopping. 

How to use these items are endless, whether it is on a table top or around the house, and they bring so much character and individual personality to a home. That sad and lonely pretty china saucer that is now missing it's cup, can hold a votive candle.  A little chocolate truffle or two on tiny little mismatched plates or silver coasters can personalize each table setting. And no - - we don't want everything to match on our table top, and who said that we cannot blend silver with gold? Show me the rule book. Whimsy can also be elegant.
 3-4" plates are perfect votive candle holders or candy plates
Ponder beyond the table top, and little crystal bowls make nice holders for paper clips in the office, and look much more attractive than that plastic paper clip holder from the office-mart-warehouse. Use little crystal or silver condiment bowls to hold small soaps for the guest bath. And most of all, just a tiny little shot glass to hold that one last little rose who forgot that winter is coming. 
Little posies need little vases. Shot glasses are perfect. 

Bring out the "littles!" 


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