A Touch of Halloween

October, November, and my birthday month of June, just happens to be my favorite months. I love the fall weather, and all of the changes it brings - especially after a busy summer. For me, it is a time to start "nesting" and do those inside projects like reading, cooking, and crafting. 

 A be-witching cookie cutter in the
old flour sifter by the vintage bread box
My favorite holidays are also in the fall, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Sure, who doesn't love Christmas spending time with family and friends, but Thanksgiving just seems a bit simpler, yet still quite bountiful. 

Jack hanging out by the cookbooks
As a youngster, I have wonderful memories of Halloween, from the planning of costumes, trick 'r treating at our friend's and grandparent's house - to even memories of looking out the back seat of our car window, after a busy evening of  trick 'r treating, hoping to find the shadow of a witch flying across the moon. 

Tuck in a friend by the usual decor
Today, I still love decorating for Halloween. I have boxes of Halloween decor I have collected through the years, but this year just a few subtle little touches. 

Who-who-who would ever find him up there? 


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