Inspirations for the Weekend...

If you have been reading this blog then you know the motto is, "simple 'trimmings' for an elegant life... " The thought is that one can live an elegant and full life, yet in a simple and inexpensive way. 

This is a busy weekend for many, as we participate in Halloween and Fall celebrations, which many are family events. Take the time to celebrate the season around you. Glean the last of your garden and create a feast. Venture to the nearest apple orchard and gather a box of apples and pears. Enjoy the bounty of the orchards by celebrating with fresh baked apple pies, or dipping apples in caramel. Take a stroll in the park or country, and gather acorns, chestnuts, and colorful leaves. Visit a pumpkin patch and pick out the most perfect one. Rake the leaves in your yard into a big pile, jump into them, and enjoy the fresh crisp air of autumn. Make a bonfire, and toast hot dogs and marshmallows. Be a "big kid" and wear a costume. Laugh a lot this weekend, and especially on Halloween.

Take the time to check out the sky. It is truly the finest of entertainment - an amenity of life that we sometimes take for granted. Through this weekend there will be a waning crescent moon. Make a wish on the brightest star.  Have a wonderful weekend.


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