Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: Pillow Cases

The point of this blog is to share "Simple trimmings for an elegant life™". Sometimes it is the simple things that add just the right touch, and then you wonder how you ever "lived" without it? 

An dear old friend of mine use to own an Inn for many years. It was exquisitely appointed, and attention to detail. In the summer time sheets and pillow cases would hang outdoors in an area hidden from the street and guests, and in the winter time the sheets and pillow cases would hang on racks in the basement to air dry. Especially in the summer time the guests would comment how "wonderful the sheets smelled" and they would ask if she used a special fabric softener on them. The sheets would stay crisp and fresh, and by drying them without the dryer heat, it added life to the sheets and kept their color longer. 

One of her other tricks was to iron the pillow cases. Yes, you heard that right, and in fact I started doing it for my own home. Yeah, sorry you are going to have to bring out the old iron and dust it off. Now let me add, one more thing you may wince over, as she ironed the pillow cases using spray starch. Housekeeping rules were if the same guest(s) was staying an extra night, three, or more; the sheets were changed on the third day of their stay (unless they requested clean sheets every day). 

In the mean time, the spray starch kept the pillow cases wrinkle free during the guest's stay, always giving a new and fresh appearance, and it just felt good at night to lay your head on something so crisp and wrinkle free. Spray starching vintage pillowcases is very important to enhance any needle work. For vintage, you may also want to consider a home-made starch of a tablespoon or two of corn starch and a few cups water in a spray bottle (adjust water accordingly). 

If you are really ambitious and love ironing, spray starching and ironing your top sheets is a nice touch, as well. Whether it is the top sheet or just the pillow cases, it is a nice touch for your own guests - - and most important, for yourself. Sweet dreams! 


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