Struggles and Serenity: Journaling

It doesn't have to be written with a quill fountain pen or in a hardbound antique leather book. 

Legal pads, spiral notebooks, 99-cent composition books, and even an online blog (private or public) are some perfect examples of tools to journal with. If it is perfect for you, then it is - - perfect. Sometimes I think we put too much emphasis in the actual tool and less on the pages. One can start a journal on loose pages, and eventually place the current thoughts in that hardbound monogrammed leather journal. For now - - get to writing. 

Just one of many around my home
What do we write about? Everything and anything: quotes, a word of the day, a two-lined poem, an instant thought, goals, creative ideas, to name a few; - -  and to name a few more...

Write about your feelings: Who are you? How are you today? What is going on around you that makes you happy or sad? Write a letter to yourself on your birthday. Introduce yourself to - - you! 

Your life story: We all have one. They may be funny or sad, as well as incidents that changed our lives. 

Opinions: Do you have a passion and a particular point of view about something as large as our world or something close and intimate as your family?

A Person: Journal a few pages or more of one very influential person who changed your life, made your life better, such as a grandparent or teacher. Perhaps it could be your children or grandchildren. You would be leaving a gift to your children long after you are gone. 

Struggles and Serenity: Putting them into words and onto paper, while allowing them to unfold in time; is an ideal way to stay balanced. 

A few words here, and a paragraph there. Let journaling, in your own words, influence your life. 


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