Just for You: The Sabbath

Sabbath - a day of religious observance and abstinence from work.

No, I am not going to get all religious on you. A few years ago on a flight, out of boredom, I started thumbing through the airline's lifestyle magazine. Typically they are glossy-filled magazines word-smithing adventures and shiny things that are not in this girl's budget. More fluff than substance. However, this edition was different. There was an actual article that made me take a second glance. It was about "Keeping the Sabbath," but not in a traditional or religious event - - unless of course, you wanted to. This article was about resting and rejuvenating the spirit and the body. 

The article intrigued me, and satisfied my conflict of being raised to hold the Sabbath on a Sunday, but after I lived in a Hasidic community for several weeks, Saturday was the day of holy rest. But again, this isn't about religion - unless you want it to be - - this is a day just for you. It can be any day you choose, according to the article, a Sabbath can always be on a Wednesday if that is the day that works for you. 

This Sabbath is the moment where you slow down and spend your day alone or with a loved one. It's a day where you do not leave the house other than to take a walk around the block for some fresh air. It's a day where you stuff your cell phone deep into the bottom of a closet and don't bring it out until the next day. The only electronics allowed is maybe a music device - and stay off of the internet. Okay, so maybe you can turn on the television later in the evening for a sweet and non-violent movie or some mindless sitcoms - - but stay off social media.  

So now what?  Sleep in, or stay in bed and read. Sit on the couch, be quiet, and sip on that cuppa coffee - slow. Do you want cold pizza and cake for breakfast? Then have cold pizza and cake. Are you thinking about fasting on your Sabbath with the very most a fruit and kale smoothie, and water? Then fast. I will admit, you may have to do some meal planning as far as going grocery shopping the day ahead of time for your Sabbath meals. If cooking is relaxing for you, then try that Julia Child recipe you have always wanted to tackle. Wonderful smells coming from your kitchen can sooth your soul. If you don't enjoy cooking, then plan your meals ahead of time, visit the neighborhood deli, and stock the pantry. On your Sabbath you don't get to drive. Why? Because you know -  - traffic makes you uptight. 

Your Sabbath is not the day to catch up on household chores. Do the following that you use to enjoy: Read a book or that stack of favorite magazines you subscribe to and never have the time to read.  Light several candles. Knit. Paint on canvas or sketch. Go through your family photos and create a scrapbook. Pick posies from your garden. Meditate. Nap. Make a list of goals. Slow down and keep it simple. If it isn't good for your soul, then don't do it. Reflect. Relax - - and don't forget to breath. 


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