Just a Touch of the Holiday: Romance Movies

This is my list of holiday movies. It's not the traditional that you think. My list of holiday movies are those with a bigger story line than the holidays, and even those movies where Christmas is the story, it's not the overall theme. Sure, my favorite holidays movies are also somewhat schmaltzy and often bitter-sweet, but isn't that just life -  it's foibles, faith, and good fortune of love and friendships?

These are the type of movies that you want to snuggle in with - and of course you will need a cozy fire, your favorite warm beverage, and frosted sugar cookies.  It's simple "trimmings," but brings us moments of a sweet escape. 

Sleepless in Seattle: A sweet romance that starts at Christmas and ends on Valentine's Day. 

You've Got Mail: If you loved Sleepless in Seattle, chances are you are going to love this movie that starts in September and continues through the holidays, until spring. 

Steel Magnolias: A bitter-sweet tale of family and close friends. It starts with a wedding, and brings us Christmas, Halloween, and ends with Easter. 

The Family Stone: The premise is Christmas, but the family dysfunction is quite endearing. 

The Holiday: It's Christmas through New Year's Eve with three stories about finding love, unrequited love, and love from long ago.

Love Actually: It follows the lives of eight couples dealing with love in loosely interrelated tales around the Christmas season.  

Serendipity: A couple meet during the Christmas season, and several years later they meet up again. Their meetings are quite "serendipitous." 

Once Around: It starts in the warm Caribbean with an odd couple, continues with family turmoil, and finally brings us through Christmas, the winter weather, and ends rather sweet with a few tears. 

What are some of your favorite "holiday" movies? 


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