Power: Find Your Stone

We're told that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," but sometimes those "best friends" can be a bit elusive. Many of us cannot walk into the jewelry store and buy a few karats whenever we want. Our budgets are more suited for carrots than karats.  So, what is the alternative when your heart is set on a pretty bauble? Semi-precious stones can be a girl's new best friend. 

What is the difference between "precious" and "semi-precious" stones? They are mostly a commercial term. Precious stones are typically diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires with a higher price tag. Everything else is semi-precious such as agate, amber, amethyst, jade, topaz, turquoise, and others. (See list from ELLE Magazine

There are many reasons to seek out the semi-precious stones. Not only are they pretty, easy to acquire,  and more affordable (Check online sources such as eBay and Etsy); but stones have been an integral part of human history. Through the centuries they have represented wealth and power, and even hold superstitions. 

There are some superstitions and metaphysical properties to these stones, and of course a very rich history of ancient civilizations using stones for healing such as the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans; and Medicine Men and Midwives. Many of these practices have been handed down through our 21st Century and now are popular in holistic health.  The belief and attraction of these stones isn't much different than the commercially accepted "birth stones" that many of us wear. 

Speaking for myself, I have always been attracted to stones ever since I was a little girl. My father was a rock hound/lapidarist. It was his hobby. He had a workshop attached to our garage where he would often spend evenings after work, or a cold weekend afternoon shining and cutting rocks. Dad had several sizes of saws and tumblers. He sold some of his jewelry, but joyously gifted more than he sold. To this day, whether I am walking in the forest, desert, or beach; I still find myself focused on the ground seeking some kind of "treasure." Old habits from our days of family picnics and rock hounding adventures with Dad.    

My choice of power stone is amethyst. The legend behind it is: Peace, clairvoyance, emotional protection, and sobriety. I do not leave home without at least a bracelet of amethyst beads - and especially if I am out wine tasting - for that sobriety element. Not only do I wear amethysts, I keep many of the amethyst crystals on book shelves and tables because they are so pretty, yet natural. 

As Elle Magazine points out, "Think it's all crap? That's fine—but in the end, could it really hurt to surround yourself with more sparkly, pretty things?

So true. Whatever your spiritual or religious belief is, these stones are a gift from the earth. A gift that is made to enjoy, and a gift that will last forever. Remember, it's about the simple "trimmings" for an elegant life - Passementaries.


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