Edible Decor: The Kardashian Cookie Jar

Oh yeah, I am going to be truthful. I am drawn to the reality show, The Kardashians. However, I did miss the last season, yet it's not so much their drama (snooze) that captures me.  The show is more about their home decor and clothing.

In scenes of Mama Kardashian's kitchen I started spotting these cookie jars filled with stacked cookies, along with various clear canisters of colorful candies. It turns out Mama K copied her daughter Khloe's obsessive way she hand-arranges her Oreo cookies.

All you need is a glass canister, and at least two box-bags of stuffed cookies like Oreo's depending on the size of canister. I have also used fruit bars like Fig Newtons. The Vienna Fingers, a vanilla cookies filled with a cream-frosting center from Keebler or Nabisco will also work. A bit more patience is needed with the Vienna Fingers due to their length. 

This was my first attempt at stacking cookies. I was so excited to see Oreo's new Red Velvet cookies  - and obviously so excited to sample, as you can see my stack has been depleted since the original stack. Or is this an "alternative fact" that I stopped half-way through my stacking? 

Now, start stacking cookies. Stack the bottom of the canister with the chosen cookie, leaving space in-between each cookie if necessary to even the space out. Now onto the next step, and this is where you stack on top of the space between the bottom layer of cookies. Did I explain that right? If not, take a peek at the pictures and you'll get the "picture." 

It's up to the cookie stacker whether these cookies are going to be strictly decor or for eating. It has been suggested that if you intend to eat them, they should be enjoyed within 30 days. If they are not to be eaten, then the cookies can be left in the jar until...


  1. I have this same cookie jar and first used it to proof yeast bread. It's now filled with random candies, but this looks so 'sweet' I think I need to give it a try. Thanks, Catie!

    1. Hi Gretchen, thanks for checking in. I first bought my cookie jar in 1974 and used it to make brandied fruit. It looked pretty and quite tasty, too! I may have to share that recipe someday.

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