Wander and Ponder on Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Where is my mind wandering and what is my mind pondering? Well, I am thinking about Saint Patrick's Day. 

While I love preparing a traditional Saint Patrick's Day meal of corn beef and cabbage, I am not into dying everything green. In other words, I don't do green beer. I don't even drink beer, but I think green beer is kind of dumb. They're not drinking green beer in Ireland. In fact, I believe many people in Ireland are in church during this holiday. What else am I thinking about? 

Edith Head: Who is she? Edith was an American costume designer who won a record of eight Academy Award Oscars for Best Costume Design. She dressed the best of Hollywood, when Hollywood was - - well Hollywood - glamorous, sophisticated, and mysterious. Edith died in 1981. She was 84 years old. A sample of some of her beautiful designs. 

Edith Head
Kindle: I love this little device. I bought the very first edition of Kindle Fire back in 2011, and have loved that little tool ever since. I still buy many hard bound books, but there are some little one-day-reading books I don't need to have laying around, so Kindle is perfect. Kindle is also kind to my wrists with the addition of a leather case that props up by itself, instead of holding a heavy book. 

Bookbub and Freebooksy are the perfect way to purchase affordable or even download free books. For free and quick-to-read books, I will typically download more "chick-lit" style of books. I don't go for the predictable "girl meets boy"... instead I look for more of a unique story with a mystery to solve or possibly a story about a contemporary mid-life woman changing her life. Therefore, I don't download every free book out there. And if the book cover shows a half-naked man, I just scroll past that offering. Now, I have nothing against half-naked men, but to use the image to sell me a book is rather - - insulting.

Spring: The daffodils are coming up. We love spring, but in a way I am not feeling it as I look at my lawn and garden, and realize the winter has left me with a lot of work to do. 

And speaking of spring, has your internal clock recuperated after we moved our clocks to "Spring Forward"? 


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