Wander and Ponder on Friday, March 24, 2017

What's been on my mind this week, other than the usual of checking the weather reports, running errands, writing a bit here and there...

Spring Cleaning: My mind is feeling more inspired about it than my body is. Every morning I wake with big hopes of big projects to tackle from my house to the lawn. A few months ago I bought one of those Swiffer Wet Jets for the kitchen and bathroom floors. I am not convinced if I like it as well as just a plain ol' sponge mop. Perhaps I am feeling overwhelmed after a long winter. I feel like I have at least three years of winter to catch up on. Oh well, as the old saying goes, "How do you eat an elephant? One chunk at a time." Okay, not that I would eat an elephant... 

Hash Browns: Nothing like crispy fresh cut hash browns served with an egg on top, or even sausage gravy. However, nothing worse than to serve fresh cut hash browns that are gray and soggy. As soon as you have shredded the potato, get the shreds soaking in cold water. Soaking the potato shreds removes the starch, and keeps the potato shreds a nice white color, instead of the ugly looking brownish-pink - - which fries up an ugly gray color. But beware - be sure and drain the shreds well before frying. 

If you are making potato pancakes or latkes, it's good to remember to do the same soaking technique and draining, before adding the rest of the ingredients. However, in this case I will take the remaining starch out of the bottom of the bowl and put it back in the flour and egg mixture used for pancakes or latkes. Gives them a bit of body. 

Bracelets: I love them. My bracelets speak to me. They are not necessarily for show, but I tend to find strength in the bracelets I chose; and I know I am not alone when I see other wrists adorned with gems, threads, and woven leather. I never leave home without a wrist of amethysts. They are my good luck stone. Why am I thinking about bracelets? I saw this beautiful photo and thought of my own bracelets. 

From www.facebook.com/healthycreatureswisdom
Some people wear special friendship bracelets, and old Native American turquoise and silver bracelets. I also see many simple red threads wrapped around a wrist signifying a Jewish folk custom to ward off misfortune. 

The old hippie may like the old talisman beads around a wrist, but she enjoys a few links of Tiffany silver, just as much. I may walk out of the house without earrings, but never without a bracelet.  
My bracelets. Can't leave home without them - - or at least one. 
If you have a bracelet "collection" with meaning, or just because they make you feel good; snap a photo and send it to me. I will post it on this blog. 

That's all I really have to say this week. Did I mention I will be attending a Fairy Tea this weekend? I am not sure how much tea we will be devouring, but for sure some bottles of sparkling French wine. I'll save a few photos to share. Now if my wings will only arrive... 

"I Know I Live In My Own Little WorldBut It's Okay They Know Me Here."


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