Wander and Ponder on Friday, March 3, 2017

Wander and Ponder is my attempt to let my readers know where my mind is wandering and what my mind is pondering. So here's what's been happening this week in my brain. 

Pie Plates: I have no clue why pie plates, other than I was in a thrift shop and spotted a pretty ceramic pie plate. It spoke to me. The price was right. Then I had visions of pretty pie plates dancing in my head. So two days later I went to visit another thrift shop and spotted another pretty ceramic pie plate, and another and... 

Could it be that these plates tell a story? Maybe the prettier plates remained empty and only used as a decor? Maybe they were filled with Grandma's favorite pie recipe from many generations ago? Maybe the plate was a Mother's Day, wedding, or birthday gift filled with pie? Or maybe... 

If I end up collecting more pie plates I may end up sharing a few with you. 

Soup Recipe: was a life saver for me this week as I faced a few writing deadlines. Once all of the ingredients were placed in the slow cooker, I walked away. Leftovers were just as delicious the next day. 

Soap Opera: It's one of the oldest soaps still on television. I've been watching The Young and The Restless from the first day it aired in 1973. Oh sure, I missed a few here and there, but with DVR, reruns in the evening, and now down streaming; I haven't missed a one in over ten years. In fact, I sometimes save up a few and binge watch. Yes, I have a secret crush on "The great Victor Newman." Did you know Eric Braeden aka "Victor" played John Jacob Astor in the Oscar winning movie, Titanic? And yes, his German accent is real. 

Shine a Light: I love this little book light by French Bull. It's very light, and runs on affordable batteries. The clamp will hold onto hard and soft books, and even a sturdy magazine. Perfect for reading in bed, instead of turning on my bedside table lamp which lights up the whole room. I am thinking of getting another one to put by my favorite chair when I do cross stitching. This mini book light also comes in different patterns and colors. 

My Secret Cold Medicine: Don't laugh. If you know anything about my history, then you know when I am wanting a drink, I will grab a glass of wine. However, for over 30 years I have been making this "medicinal" elixir to ward off colds - and I have been successful as colds only come around me every 5 or 6 years. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, I bring home the ruby red grapefruit juice (Florida's Natural) and mix it with a couple of shots of vodka over ice, and make what is referred to as a Greyhound. If you are ambitious, you can squeeze your own grapefruit juice, and cut a slice grapefruit or an orange to float in the drink. I often keep a fresh lime around, as I particularly love a lime wedge in the drink when using prepared juice. Makes the drink taste a bit fresher.  Add salt to the rim of the glass and you have a "Salty Dog."  

Now if my preventative medicine doesn't work on you, and you still catch a cold it will make a great medicine to help you relax during a cold. The grapefruit juice is good for you, too. You're welcome. 

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