Wander and Ponder on Friday, March 31, 2017

Where did my week go? The mind didn't have a lot of time to "wander and ponder?" 

Tomorrow starts a new month, "Rabbit, Rabbit... " Tomorrow is also April Fool's Day. I never understood this holiday as why recognize a day that plays pranks on people? So upon some sleuthing, I think I understand this "foolish" holiday by just understanding the history. The legend holds that April Fools’ Day began in the 1500s when the Gregorian calendar took over from the Julian. Those who forgot the change and attempted to celebrate New Year’s (previously celebrated on the 1st of April) on the wrong date were teased as “April Fools.” Okay, so habits are hard to break. 

The more I read about this "holiday," it also worth noting that close to this date there are different cultures who have their own celebrations; such as the Hindu calendar has Holi, and the Jewish calendar has Purim. A few weeks before April 1 or  a few weeks after, the Christian calendar celebrates Easter. 

Perhaps there's something about the changing of the months, from winter to spring, that lends itself to lighthearted celebrations. We'll chalk it up to Spring Fever. Instead of pranks, how about some magician tricks such as a rabbit out of the hat or a bouquet of flowers tucked in the coat sleeves? 

Caffeine: I love it. I love my morning coffee. Give me a bowl of dark roast in the morning. I could be a television commercial, "The best part of wakin’ up… Good to the last drop... 

I started thinking about this delicious beverage when I was reading an article earlier this week about "50 Things to Do to Improve Your Life," and the first thing on the list was "Remove caffeine from your life." Well that did it for me, and I stopped reading the rest of the 49 items on the list. 

I'll have the author of this list know that telling me to give up my morning coffee is asking a lot. As it is I have given up buying diet cola to keep in my refrigerator. It has now been over 18 months when I gave up buying my weekly case of diet cola. Now, I only drink soda pop if I go out to eat, which is only about a couple of times a month. Sometimes instead of a glass of wine, I treat myself to a diet cola. I feel I have extended myself enough when it comes to lightening the caffeine load. Just don't ask me to give up my morning cuppa coffee. 

Did I mention coffee and ice cream? Affogato

Puff Pastry Dough: The ideas for savory appetizers made with puff pastry dough is abundant. I attempted it last weekend. Impress your friends! Cheese straws. Brie en Croute. Vegetable tartlets. Pinwheels. Mini calzones. Pigs in a blanket... 

Easter Decor: This will be the first spring season in about 15 years where I have attempted to put out some Easter decorations. I have a collection of Easter eggs; and ceramic and stuffed Easter bunnies packed away. One ceramic bunny even from my childhood. Here is my first attempt. 

How am I doing, so far? Stay tuned for more Easter Decor. 


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