Touches of the Season

It's been a few years since I put out any Easter-type decor. So why now? It's not that I have more time since I quit working outside of the home. It's just that I am working in my home, and a few hints of seasonal decor are nice to be around. 

Of course spring decor reminds me of some of the whimsical Easter decor with bunnies and eggs. 

Here are a few small touches of seasonal decor tucked among my "organized chaos of collections." 

In the late 1970's, my grandmother gave me several of these canning jars. I spray painted the lids, and have been using them ever since to hold dry products like rice, beans, and even pastel chocolate Easter eggs. Depression-era bunny toothpick holder.

On a book shelf is an angel-bunny among my collection of amethyst crystals. Angel Bun is a miniature made with mohair fabric - and she is holding a mini mohair bear. 

A crocheted egg. Tucked inside is a miniature mohair teddy sharing space with a few ceramic birds and "Made in Occupied Japan" ceramic children.

Intricate hand beaded fabric egg that opens to hide your spring secrets. 


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