Wander and Ponder on Friday, April 21, 2017

This week I have not had a lot on my mind. Perhaps it is the clouds and rain that bring on somewhat of a malaise. I had great hopes to get a lot of things done, and here I am - feeling very unaccomplished. But there is hope! There is always hope. There is always a new Monday. 

One of the things that just tickled my fancy this week, I discovered something that was a lovely part of my childhood. I discovered on YouTube all of the old episodes of a Mickey Mouse Club series called "Annette."  

Annette: was a 10 minute 19-episode black and white series featuring "America's Sweetheart" Annette Funicello. The series was the story of a young girl who goes to live with her aunt and uncle. She attends a new high school, makes new friends, goes to formal dances, drinks malts at the soda shop, and has a crush on the neighborhood boy. I was about 10-years old when I first saw the series. In fact the Mickey Mouse Club were reruns by the time I got to see them, and Annette was no longer a child. She was in her early twenties making teen-age "Beach Party" movies.

My love for Annette has never left. 
During that era, we didn't have such things as DVR's, DVD's, and Demand. We were on the mercy of three major television stations and their affiliates. When we missed our favorite shows, we hoped for reruns. 

The "Annette" series may have been the start of my writing. I kept a stenographer's notebook that I would write stories and draw pictures in. After the "Annette" series ended and there was no hope for reruns, I continued with my own "series" by writing my own version. In my version, Annette spent more time in the soda shop enjoying hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes; and less time in school. What do you expect from a 10-year old?

Noodles: You know those thick toothy egg noodles that you buy in the freezer section at your favorite market? I have been pondering them. Okay, the truth is I have been craving them. There is so much you can do: chicken noodle, soups, beef stroganoff, vegetable Alfredo, beef noodle... Are there freezer noodles in my future for this weekend?

Home Decor: I love to look at it. It's one of my favorite things to do. However, I rarely buy it anymore, but I keep looking at it. Sometimes I want to change things up and buy new pillows, new lamps, chairs, wall art, and tables - - but I don't. I don't need to. I will forever be the old lady with the old and outdated Victorian "grandma funeral parlor" furniture. 

The other day I opened the drawer to my dining room buffet and noticed all of my doilies that I stopped decorating my tables with. Talk about "old" grandma stuff - - but in defiance, I may just bring back the doilies! They are lovely - every single stitch of them. 
My doily drawer
But hey - - I may not buy new decor, but at least I buy new jar candles - - and often! 

Here's to a productive, but fun weekend! 


  1. My dad used to make a mess of those noodles for his yearly "buck noondles" feed. Venison of course. But the really cool thing was that he was a foodie before his time and insisted on doing them the authentic way right down to using the proper wooden chair backs to hang them on while he reveled in flour and eggs on the kitchen table until they became the dough he wanted and then hand cut them to be draped over said chairs to dry. Everyone foundered themselves and lay in lawn chairs and on the floor for hours afterward. Could have had something to do with the home brew he served too.

    1. Hi Lynda, thanks for checking in. Your dad's noodles sounds wonderful! I love good homemade noodles. My dad also use to make noodles from scratch, and would cut them very wide instead of the usual size. We use to refer to them as dumplin's.


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