An Elegant Life

The tag line to my blog is "The simple trimmings for an elegant life™... "

First of all, it is important to note I do not live an elegant life, especially if you are thinking as in the rich and famous. I have never lived an elegant life. I do tend to use the dictionary - a lot. I always have, and use words literally - - in this case it lists a variety of synonyms under the word "elegance" such as: stylish, graceful, tasteful, classic, smart, simple, clever... 

I like to keep in touch with the trends in home and personal decor, whether I use the trends or not. Mostly, I do not. I seem to stick with the old classics. In my personal dress, I go basics and spend my money on good shoes, purses, sweaters, and accessories. My basic wear of pants and shirts is often neutral and black. I rarely spend much on the basics, especially now that I work from home - - and often basics in black. Why black? I always have. When they make a darker color other than black, I will buy it. 

How to practice "elegance?" 
  • It's the difference between going out grocery shopping with a timeless leather handbag that you will have forever,  instead of a soiled trendy canvas bag with spilled coffee and baby poop on it. 
  • Knowing it is okay to wear a pair of basic black pants and tee from Target, but accessorizing with a fabulous pair of Tiffany or Gucci sunglasses.
  • Instead of a beat-up wooden coffee table in the living room, spray paint it a flat-black or do a quick sanding and brush it with an off-white chalk paint and "shabby-chic" it up a bit. 
  • Want a BMW or a Mercedes but can't afford one?  Buy a "well loved" one - - a classic. They cost less. Just drive it "in season." You and the car will be memorable. 
  • Can't afford diamonds, emeralds, and rubies? Get your Boho-chic on and enjoy the colors of semi-precious stones such as amethysts, rose-colored crystals, and marcasites. 
  • The beautiful old crystal and china that Aunt Polly gave you? Don't dust it. Don't keep it in storage. Use it. Use it for your morning cup of tea and toast. If you don't, many years later someone else will. So what if you break a piece here or there? If you don't, many years later someone else will. 
  • Lit candles in the evening can make a difference in a room - even around the bathtub. 
  • French soaps are very affordable and bring an "elegant" frame of mind instead of the old commercial deodorant soap. 
  • Cooking with butter and wine. Well, actually cooking from scratch can be "elegant" instead of ripping open a box and tossing it in the microwave. 
Elegance is a state of mind. It is often the little things in life that makes a difference. It doesn't have to cost a lot to have that state of mind. 


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