Where Did My Year Go?

Rabbit, Rabbit... 

It's the first of the month and I am wondering where my year went? In my mind I am still in August - and no, I am not ignoring my blog so that's why I am checking in. I'm still writing, I'm just not writing in my blog at the moment. However, I will as soon as I get a manuscript sent off this month according to the publisher's deadline. My second local history book will hopefully arrive on the shelves after 2018. Will keep you posted. 

In the mean time with the holidays coming up, it's time to invest in butter. Let this article from Savuer inspire you - and don't let French recipes intimidate you. Tackle them and let them know you are the boss of the kitchen. Channel your inner Julia Child! 

Here we go - grab the butter and a few bottles of red wine as here are 65 classic French recipes to add to your recipe file - which by the way, I recently read the Millennial youngsters don't even use recipe books any longer, and especially have no use for  little tin or wooden recipe file boxes. Say it ain't so! 


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