Candle Care

First of all, you have to use your candles before you can care for them, so let's "shed some light" on the subject. 

Whether it is a gift or a purchase, the first impression of a new candle is exciting, especially for a candle enthusiast like myself. Then arrives the questions. Do I light or do I not light? When should I start enjoying my new candle? This is an important question especially since many new candles have such a vibrant presentation between the colors, fragrances, shapes, and even containers. 

Sometimes the packaging in itself is so attractive you don't want to rid of it, since it's the packaging that got you to buy the candle in the first place. However, we have to remember what Martha Stewart said about candles a few decades ago when it was cool to listen to Martha. "Always burn the wick of a new candle before staging it or placing it on the chosen holder as it makes the home more comfortable." 

What's the point of having a candle for show if you're not going to use it? It's like putting plastic covers on the couch; or those pretty little guest soaps and embroidered towels you put out for guests to use, but in your heart you prefer they wouldn't. It goes back to what I have always said, and especially the older I get, "If you don't use your pretty things now, some stranger is going to buy them at your estate sale and will use those things the way they were intended. Use your pretty things now!" 

Candles are more than just offering light during a power outage. They set the mood, enhance a special moment, and adds versatility in your decor. Candles are an affordable luxury that one can change out with the seasons. In the mean time, with all of their versatility from the useful to the aesthetics, do we think much about their maintenance? 

Tricky Wicks

Snip to a quarter of an inch before every burn to make sure the candle stays clean and presentable. No sooty residue. 

When the wick is first lit and if you see a little smoke - no worries. Just give it a bit of time for the wax to draw up. 

Allow  wax to melt and pool right to the edges of the candle, especially after the first time the candle is lit. Don't be too eager to blow it out, and with a bit of patience the uneven wax will be gone.  

Looking It's Best:

What's better than the glow of one candle? Two, three, or four candles! Experiment with different sizes and even different fragrances with coordinated scents such as spice (vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar, maple) or floral (lavender, rose, jasmine, gardenia) as an example. 

When it comes to fragrant candles be cautious about burning them at the dinner table, as  the candle fragrance can conflict with the food  and especially any wines that are served with the meal. 
Dirt or scuff marks can be removed by rubbing the candle with a clean piece of nylon stocking. Need to use those old outdated panty hose for something.  

If a candle is too big to fit into a holder, use a knife to whittle the bottom to size. If a candle is too loose to be held in place; use a wide rubber band, aluminum foil, or some tacky wax. 

To prevent melted wax from adhering to the rim of the candlestick, spray a bit of non-stick pan spray on the holder.

Let's end this with a pun. "What did the boy candle say to the girl candle? Do you want to go out tonight?" 


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