Hygge: What is it?

It's a Danish concept that's been traveling about for a few years in American decor magazines. I know. Sometimes I am slow to catch up. Hey, I am still decorating in the Country Living/Victorian era. No, Mid-Century for me. I was raised with that stuff. 

Hygge, pronounced 'hue-gah' has no one word English translation other than perhaps "coziness" and a concept of peace, serenity, and enjoying simple pleasures.  January and February are the perfect months to start building your hygge space. 
Here are some easy ways to incorporate "hygge" into your life:

Surround yourself with friends and family
Enjoy the simple pleasures
Be present and thankful
Stay an extra hour in bed
Barbeque outside
Reuse and recycle
Take up a new hobby
Don’t stress
Appreciate your surroundings
Enjoy a good book

How to decorate "hygge?" It's mostly about attitude, but here are some ideas:

Create cozy areas with fluffy pillows and snugly blankets (especially important this time of the year). 

Treat yourself and your guests with special nibbles like nuts, fruit, bites of cheese, pretty imported cookies and crackers, and warm teas and cocoa. 

Decorate with candles. 

Light up areas in your house with twinkly lights. There are so many shapes and sizes available now to accent your home. 

Make a fire - or if you're like I am, "fake-a-fire" with the many pretty mantles on electric fire places - and they help keep the house warm. 

Create a spa-like bathroom with fluffy towels, candles, and pretty soaps.

Is my sanctuary hygge? Certainly some of it is as I have been decorating this way before I ever knew it was cool... I mean "hygge." My interpretation of hygge will always be a work in progress. 

Hygee Hugs! 


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