No Changing My Decor

My home decor hasn't changed in over 20 years, and at this stage of the game I doubt that it ever will. What is my decor? A blend of Victorian and Country antique, along with a touch of Shabby Chic here and there. And let me tell you the Shabby Chic has been in my home long before I knew Rachel Ashwell gave it a name.  Why? Because it was affordable - at the time. 

Although I won't be changing my home decor, it still doesn't mean I'm not curious about the trends. And let's remember the word "trends." Trends are meant to come and go, but classic styles are here to stay. 

So once in awhile an article will peak my interest about what is "coming and going" in home decor  - such as this article that pointed out brass and over sized furniture is "back" in 2018. Well goody-goody. I am already set - - like 40 years ago. But the designers aren't going to talk me into a color palette of Harvest Gold and Avocado Green. 

The other day my curiosity got the best of me when I wondered, "Is the Paris-Shabby-Chic-French-Country theme still popular this year?" Then I realized - - duh. Of course it is. Anything from France or with a Parisian accent will always be in style. We have seen so many degrees of it through the centuries such as Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI style furniture, and let's not forget French Provincial. 

Not to mention that Pottery Barn entered the year with their new line of faux botanicals named the "Paris Flower Shop." And speaking of which - I read last week that Fixer-Upper Magnolia Market maven, Joanna Gaines recently shared that in the homes she decorates, she uses faux flowers and plants. Yup, I was shocked! Why would Joanna betray us like that? Her answer was for the new homeowner, the last thing they need is to worry about taking care of plants. Okay. Makes sense. 

From the Pottery Barn's "Paris Flower Shop"
And as we think about "is the French Country/Shabby Chic" still in style? Well of course it is in the country side of France. In the mean time, the trend for the hipsters who reside in Paris is "Tres Brooklyn."  Brooklyn? 


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