Poof! Like New! Pillows!

Do you ever get bored with your home decor and furniture? I certainly have my moments... Well, at this stage of my life, I am not going to go out and buy a new couch - I just bought new furniture about three years ago, besides not wanting to rid of some treasured old heirloom furniture. So what to do... what to do?

Pillows! For cryin' out loud, I put out an assortment of holiday pillows in the winter, so why not switch it up in the summer? Considering my furniture is dark, it's such a nice touch to brighten it up with pretty light florals. 

Instead of purchasing a lot of decorative throw pillows and having to store the clumsy object after the appropriate season, decorative pillow covers is the answer. When it's time for a seasonal change, just remove the pillow covers, fold and store. Buy several 18" x 18" pillow inserts at your favorite discount department or fabric/craft store and keep changing the covers as often as you like. 

Shopping for just the pillow tops can be overwhelming, there are so many pretty ones, but the good news is that there's a majority online that are also affordable. If you have several fabric scraps laying around, you have a new pillow with just a few stitches or even fabric glue and an iron.
I know... I know... this is nothing new. You've already read about this idea a few times, but perhaps this will be the article that will inspire you or remind you to do it!


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