What I Do...

I write.

I love this little blog. It's certainly not a barn burner in readers like my original blog that went off the charts, Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman, but that's okay. This blog lets me be creative and share things I enjoy beyond wine - and most of all, there is no pressure.

Yes, lately this little blog as been ignored, but for good reason - as I have been writing books. 

Soon to be released is the Lost Restaurants of Walla Walla published by Arcadia Publishing and History Press.  This press also published my Wines of the Walla Walla Valley: A Deep-Rooted History.

And - - I took on another project. A "cozy" mystery series by "Catherine Wright." Witch Way to Amethyst Bay is a very different style of writing for me. In these crazy upside-down times, it's been a nice escape to visit the little town of "Amethyst Bay, Oregon."

Currently, the book is in Kindle e-book (no problem if you don't have a Kindle, as the apps are free and easy to download on phones, tablets, and lap and desktops). Hopefully, in the next five to 10 days, the book will be available in paperback. If you enjoy the read, please kindly leave me a review. Thanks ahead of time. 


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