What a Peachy Idea!

Yay! I feel vindicated for taking a cooking shortcut!

The other day, all afternoon I was wanting something sweet - a dessert - a fruity dessert.  Then I remembered a popular old recipe that was served often at a club that I use to belong to over 20 years ago - and I just happened to have all of the ingredients at hand:

Can of fruit (peaches)

Box of cake mix (yellow)
Can of soda pop (diet 7Up)

And I took the initiative to add the cinnamon. It was delicious and satisfying, especially served warm with plain ol' vanilla ice cream. Yeah, I am boring that way and typically only buy vanilla ice cream, unless Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia is on sale.

Well, what do you know? One of my favorite food websites just popped up on my email with their take on cobbler and the catch phrase was "4-Ingredient Peach Cobbler." 

If you're not familiar with Food52, you should be. It's a rather fresh approach on cooking, recipes, and I especially love their online shopping to the newest in basic and sound cookware to even fabulous old one of a kind kitchenware found at the flea markets in France. 

We use to call this old recipe "Dump Cake," but now it's referred to as "Cobbler." Works for me... and my results looked just like the photo - with the exception of the baking dish. One of the fun things I remember about this recipe is that sometimes the hostess would make it during the meeting, it was that easy - - and we got to smell it baking - - which hurried the often boring and repetitive meeting along... 

Photo from Food52 
Experiment and make it your own. Enjoy!  


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