A New Decade

On July 23, 2018, I closed this blog for a while. It was out of sight and out of mind while I worked on other projects - namely book deadlines - and to be honest some family issues that knocked the "creative wind" out of me such as the untimely death of my brother and a mother suffering from severe dementia.

This little blog is something I do because I enjoy it. There are no deadlines, no editors to satisfy, and no pleasing everyone else like I felt I had to do with my former wine blog. The wine blog had a large following that I never expected. Now I don't want to write about wine all of the time - a little dose is fine here and there. Today I only want to sit back and enjoy wine with friends and family without putting so much thought into what's in the glass.

The truth of the matter is I hadn't really stopped thinking about this blog - as in my free and more creative times during 2019, I've been drafting a book with the same name. The book is kind of a lifestyle-self-help-decor-recipes, and if the most you get from it is a delicious recipe that makes you puff out your chest like a proud Julia Child, then my work is done.  The goal for printing and release is possibly at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021.

So in this new decade, I am reopening up this blog. Expect at least one blog a week for now. Nothing like a new decade for a reason to complete goals and re-energize. Let's take advantage! 

An early thank you to my former readers and new readers, and a very happy and healthy New Year - and New Decade to you all. 


  1. I am enjoying the blog and looking forward to the book very much!


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