Hello Lovely: Journal You!

New Year resolutions are not my thing as I don't want the pressure or disappointment, but I still try to strive and improve myself or at least take the time for the things I enjoy - and one of those things is keeping a journal.

Since I was a little girl I was writing in a diary. "Dear Diary... " Remember the little pink or blue books with the lock and the tiny key?  In later years I used a  notebook, even at times I kept my notes, thoughts, and doodles in steno notebooks.  Later came a yellow legal pad I kept by my bedside, so if I woke in the middle of the night with a thought or a new idea, I could jot it down immediately.

Today I have a collection of little hardbound books and dollar paperback composition books where I write my thoughts, quotes, and even freelance writing notes. The one thing I told myself at the beginning of this new year that I would take the time on Sundays and write in my "Hello Lovely." So far - so good. 

Journaling is a hard habit to get into. We all mean well when we first obtain that book with fresh new pages. Now, I am not talking about writing like we did in our youth, "Dear Diary. My parents don't understand me. Today's school lunch was gross! I hate Debbie... " 

The Dos and Don'ts. Let's list the "Don'ts" first, shall we? That way we can rid of them and move on...

Don't use these fresh new pages for the negative such as who you're currently pissed at.  Do you want to revisit those pages later and get pissed off all over again? After you leave the earth do you want someone to find your contempt? 
 That's what Facebook is for - hahaha... Don't focus on your significant other. They may make you happy - at times, but this is about you - your dreams and personal growth. Don't focus on the kids - that's what their baby books are for. Once again,  your only focus is on you. 

Do choose an afternoon or an evening once a week and spend an hour or two just on those fresh new pages. Do turn off the television, turn on some calming music, and make a cup of herbal tea. Use a calligraphy pen, colored pencils, or even a few watercolors. And if you draw or paint something you didn't like - no matter. Rid of it by artfully gluing fabric, colored or patterned paper over it, or a pretty picture, and start fresh. Add a button, charm, or ribbon to it. If you can't draw, no matter - there are rubber stamps, photos from magazines, and stickers for color. Make these pages about the joyful and whimsical things in life - and you! Do list things that make you happy, positive resolutions and intentions, thoughtful quotes and poems, a picture from a magazine that draws you in, and even a quirky recipe you tasted at a friend's gathering or marked a significant memory. 

My list of crystals

Here are some prompts for those "lovely" fresh new pages that are waiting for you. Make a list of books or movies that moved you - that you felt was telling your story or you felt a kindred spirit. Compile a list of items from Mother Earth that you collect such as your crystal or house plant collection - research the meanings behind the crystals or the Latin names for the plants. What's in your garden? Press a pretty dried posy or any flower or herb from each season. What are the joyous things you do or your favorite celebrations during each season and why? Make a list of the alphabet from A-Z and draw pictures or write people, places, and things you have an affinity towards. Jot down your favorite chant or mediation and "frame" those words in beads, ribbons, or colorful stickers. 

Just explore the creativity within... I guarantee that your soul will feel much lighter. 


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