Incense: Is That Patchouli I Smell?

Since I was a sophomore in high school, I was burning incense - and of course, the "flavor" was always-always-always patchouli. After I became a tax-paying adult and stopped wearing peace symbols I switched over to nag champa - a fragrance of East Indian origin, based on a combination of magnolia and sandalwood essences. 

And as "they" say, "Can't teach an old dog new tricks." Today while people have turned to scented fragrance wax and electric candle warmers, I am still burning sticks of incense. A while back I bought a couple of boxes of nag champa cones, but I still find myself switching back to the sticks.

Recently I was sent a sample kit for making my own incense. You can find the kits or individual ingredients online from Etsy to even Amazon. The kit was easy, and as you can see by the photo here are the results. It took about 15 minutes of my time. And now it is in the middle of "curing" which takes a few days before burning.

Photo from Moon Magic

The basics of the kit contained small packages: red sandalwood, frankincense, orris root, and guar gum, and a small vial of botanical essence. It made six cones. I would recommend buying a kit first before one invests in all of the ingredients. 

The result.
Would I make incense again? No. 

Would I recommend someone else to make their own incense? Yes.

We all have that friend who claims they are not "talented enough" to do arts or crafts to which I cry foul as I believe everyone has a talent in some kind of artisanal medium. Therefore I think making incense could satisfy that adult, and especially children. The incense dough is kind of soft and mushy.  The result doesn't have to be perfect, just usable and smell good.

Making incense is a great family project especially during the holidays for gift giving. 


  1. Who KNEW? Not something I could try while my Cats are still in the "toddler" stage( or is it because I am too permissive?) I love Incense as well ( used to Burn Yankee Candles but My ceilings are not high enough now!!) Linda

  2. Cats or no cats, you can always dry your incense in a high cupboard where kitties cannot reach.


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