Quarantine Quandry: It Zaps Creativity

On March 24 our governor issued the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order to combat COVID-19. Eleven days before this order I saw the "writing on the wall," and personally made a choice to put myself in quarantine. I made a list of grocery items, ordered online, headed out for my designated pick-up time, and hunkered in.

I am still "hunkered in." At the time I was concerned, but also looking forward to when nothing would be expected of me and I could lock myself into my private world and do nothing but writing and creating.

Well, that didn't happen. I found my creativity had been zapped - taken away from me. Even writing articles, books, and trying to accomplish my deadlines was such a task - and as far as the book deadlines, they didn't happen. The only comforting news about not completing a deadline was I found out from editors and publishers, I wasn't alone. It seems to be a symptom of being quarantined.

The one thing I did accomplish was baking and cleaning out a few cupboards.  Stay tuned and I will share with you some of my baking projects.


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