Quarantine Qookies! Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip and Dried Cranberries

The recipe I happened to use was on the cardboard tube of rolled oats. It's always been my "go-to recipe" when it comes to making oatmeal cookies. Why not? Use the recipe on the container that the oatmeal came in. Who knows their recipes better than those that produce, sell, and market their own oats? 

If you have a tried and true recipe for oatmeal cookies, especially oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, then go ahead and use a favorite recipe. It's important to use oatmeal that is labeled "Old Fashioned, Rolled, or Quick." Do not use instant microwavable oats in the packets or containers or you will have a sloppy runny mess.

Also note that I didn't say "recipe on the back of the tube," because there is no back on a tube. Yeah, I am being cheeky. Quarantine will do that to you.

Follow the recipe as per the instructions, but instead of using raisins, use dried cranberries. This is where you can get creative and if the recipe calls for one cup of raisins, instead use half a cup of dried cranberries and half of a cup (or more) of white chocolate chips. Or use one cup of chocolate chips and a half a cup of raisins or... Whatever. They are your cookies and this is your time to create something new and tasty. 

Make. Bake. And Enjoy.