The Power of Music

Sometimes life on my blog isn't all about cooking, gardening, and fluffing pillows. Sometimes it's about experiences - my experiences. 

Recently on Facebook, a friend (winemaker and notable Pearl Jam enthusiast) asked his friends to share their experiences with him about past concerts. He asked this favor due to concerts being postponed due to COVID, and perhaps living vicariously through our own concert experiences would help. 

I thought about it for a while and remembered something that happened to me at the last concert I attended. Here is what I shared. 

It was just two years ago, and it happened at the Key Arena. For the last 30 some years I have had a bucket list of performers I wanted to see: Willie Nelson, Elton John, and Luciano Pavarotti – a very diverse group of musicians – country, pop, and opera. Through the years I was able to cross Willie and Elton John off my list, however, Pavarotti died in 2007, so I replaced him on my bucket list with Andrea Bocelli. In 2018 Bocelli made his announcement he would be performing in Seattle – and I was there. Solo. My bucket list was completed. 

I was feeling pretty content as the two reserved seats to the left of me never did fill up. It gave me more space and less audience noise around me so I could immerse myself in the one of a lifetime experience. After the intermission and just before the second half of the concert started, here came this young couple about 30 years old. They were a little disruptive trying to find their seats, and they were dressed as if they were attending a high school prom in their formal wear. The young man sat next to me. As soon as he got settled, he asked if I wanted a beer, as he pulled a can of beer out of his suit jacket. I thanked him for the offer but declined. Then his girlfriend asked, “Would you like a glass of wine, instead? I have a glass that I haven’t drunk yet.” I thanked her for her generosity but declined. 

The couple talked between themselves which was a bit distracting. The “energy” during a Bocelli concert is a little different than a rock concert. I just kind of endured their distractions as for me to make a point of their noise, would make things worse and would ultimately ruin this beautiful experience.

I was eagerly, yet quietly, waiting for Bocelli to sing one of my favorites, “Canto Della Terra,” and finally Bocelli sang it as one of his encores. As soon as Bocelli started singing Canto Della Terra, the young people next to me became mesmerized. They stopped fidgeting, stopped drinking, and even stopped talking. The youthful distracters were finally quiet and as I looked over at them their faces were intense and focused on Bocelli.

Suddenly, to my surprise, the young man leaned into my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard in my life,” and then he gave a long sigh.  

Enduring the young couple's noise and distractions, made that one small moment all worthwhile. I was touched.

As the old saying goes, “
Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast.”


  1. Still, I wish we did a better job as a society of teaching young people, early on, to be quiet and respectful of other people's space and enjoyment during events such as this!


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