Live, Laugh, Love: Not!

The message is all over and stamped on many shapes of paper, fabric, glass, metal, and plastic as seen in large hobby, craft, and decor department stores. It's on signs, coffee cups, pillows, bedspreads, and even greeting cards. And the message is all the same - just an alliteration of three words, "Live, Laugh, Love." 

The original source of this popular phrase of "Live, Laugh, Love" is from the 1904 poem, "Success" written by Bessie Anderson Stanley. 

Dr. Rick the 
“Parenta-Life” coach in the series of Progressive Insurance commercials who assists young homeowners to avoid becoming their parents, asks his class "Do we really need a sign to live, laugh, and love? The answer is no," as he tosses the sign in the garbage. 

The question is, do we need any of these decor signs in our home? Oh sure. I am just as guilty as anyone with my French metal sign on the guest bathroom door, "Toilette." And if you're living in the city or the 'burbs and buy your vegetables at the grocery store, how effective is the "Farmers Market" or "Farm Fresh Eggs" signage in your kitchen? 

The answer to adorning your walls with all of these chatty decor signs? 



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