YouTube's Women from Washington State

It's true. I got a bit hooked on several YouTube channels during quarantine, and I continue to view them today. After the fact, it dawned on me that four of the twenty YouTube channels I subscribe to (subscriptions are free) are from my home state where I was born, raised, and now reside - The Evergreen State, Washington. 

Let's introduce you to these talented women, shall we? 

The most recent site I have subscribed to is She Holds Dearly.  Sarah has a blog, Facebook page, Instagram, and Pinterest page with the same name. She also teaches courses on interior design, meal planning, home painting/colors ideas, and more... Sarah's most recent YouTube video on Do's and Don't of Nautical Decorating is what originally drew me to her video. Sarah takes us on a tour of a friend's house who actually lives on a beach with a gorgeous view. She dismisses the obvious "nautical theme" with limited yet predictable colors in blue and gray, cheesy nautical theme signs, and department store prints of ships and anchors. Instead, the theme of this home that actually sits on the beach focuses on natural lighting, colors of yellow and white, original oils of the sea, and personal collections from travels and memories.  

Shaye Elliot and her husband Stuart of  The Elliott Homestead 1909 farmhouse is tucked above the orchard hills near Wenatchee, WA. They grow their own food on two-and-a-quarter acres of land while tending to their large variety of farm animals along with raising four children. Shaye shares her cooking, bread baking, and food preservation tips from their kitchen and root cellar. Shaye not only stays busy on the farm but in her "free time" she is also an entrepreneur, photographer, and published author selling her books and art prints. The Elliott Homestead also has a blog, newsletter, Facebook page, and even a cooking community with the same name. 

Paola Merrill, The Cottage Fairy is a bibliophile, nature lover, and watercolor and ink artist in the Okanogan County of Washington State. She films the beautiful four seasons in her neighboring woods from blooming wildflowers to the new snow falling around her. Paola shares with us the mountains, the meadows, her garden, and even the inside of the new home, a former barn, she shares with her husband. She gathers herbs to make her own tea, takes walks with her dog, reads children's books, and prepares simple "snacks" of freshly-picked berries and pastries. When Paola's not working at the local book store, we watch her paint whimsical watercolors featuring wildflowers, fairies, and forest creatures. For a sampling of Paola's magical art, you can find them on her Etsy page. 

Annabel Margaret aka "Annie" is originally from Virginia, but in her past videos, we watched her pack up her car, from her clothes to her copper pots, and drove across the states where she eventually landed at the family cabin on the beach of Salish Sea at Puget Sound. She resided there for a couple of harsh winters but has since taken an apartment in Seattle. Annie takes us along with her to the mountains where she hikes, forages, and takes amazing videos of waterfalls and the mountain range of the Cascades. She is also a talented ink and papercut artist, and an aspiring student of herbs as seen in her other video channel, The Green Witch where Annie incorporates the "old ways" into her daily life preparing tinctures, salves, pastry, and teas from the nearby fruits and wild herbs.

If I have missed any YouTube channels with women from Washington State that you think are interesting, yet comparable, let me know. 



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