Ten Things You Will Not Find in My Kitchen

It's one thing not to like something, but with that said, at least one should give an explanation as to why the dislike. 

1.) Canned mushrooms (They're hard and rubbery with no flavor. Want to save time? Use the presliced fresh mushrooms, instead.)

2.) Canned peas (Frozen peas are so handy and once thawed taste "fresh.") 

3.) Canned spinach (If fresh isn't handy, frozen spinach is perfect to use for dips, soups, and casseroles - after squeezing the water out, of course.)

4.) Lemon-flavored sparkling water (Don't get me wrong. I like a slice of lemon in a glass of tea or water, but this artificial stuff - - not so much. Smells like lemon-scented furniture wax, dish soap, and floor cleaner.)

5.) Turkey Hotdogs (Gimme a break. If you're going to eat something bad for you e.g. high in sodium, nitrates, nitrates, and mechanically separated meat; you might as well go for the real thing. Give me a good beef Kosher dog.)

6.) Canned Tuna (It smells like cat food.)

7.) Canned Catfood (It smells like tuna. I am thankful my kitty loves his dry cat food and does not know about this canned stuff.)

8.) Strawberry Twizzlers (Yeah, no. It's either the traditional Red Vines or not at all.)

9.) Potted Meat (Seriously? You want me to give a reason?)

10.) White Zinfandel, especially from a mylar bag tucked in a box. (Makes my teeth hurt just looking at it.) 

Wine Pairing Recommendations: Anything but white Zinfandel in a box. 


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