When You Think You're Just Going to Have One Glass: Abeja Beekeeper's Blend

It was a lovely day with the temperature in the 80s (after 100-degree days) along with a forecast of evening temps dropping to the 50s. Therefore the change in the weather made it an ideal evening to sit outdoors, have a glass of wine, and catch up on the gossip with the neighbor. The deal was for me to bring the wine and she brings the wine glasses. 

And oh no she didn't...

Along with the wine glasses, my neighbor brought out a bottle of Abeja Beekeeper Blend (2019). It's one of the wines produced in the W
alla Walla Valley that captures my attention. The 2019 red blend is reminiscent of a Right Bank Bordeaux style with 52% Merlot, 42% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 6% Cabernet Franc. The wine had deep notes of blackberry and plum with a long vanilla finish. 

This vintage spent 16 months in 100% French oak barrels; 30% new barrels and 70% "experienced" barrels. 

The name Abeja is Spanish for "bee" and the winery's name was chosen to honor the deep-rooted respect for the environment. And if you have ever ventured through the Mill Creek area at Walla Walla, the location of the winery, with the view of the Blue Mountains is an ah-ha deep-rooted moment for the wondrous local environment. If you can find a bottle of this elusive Beekeeper Blend, catch it. (The 2020 vintage has since been released)


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