No. I do not think I am a Francophile, Partie Un

The love or admiration of France, the French, or the French culture. This affinity may include France's history, language, cuisine, literature, etc.

Okay, so maybe when it comes to imported wine, I  swoon over French wine. Sure, I love a great Italian or Iberian wine, but I can spot a French label a few cases and shelves away and snap it up before the other imports. So does that make me a Francophile? 

As I tour my house I noticed a few French-inspired items. You see, sometimes you have to take a tour and focus on your "inventory" beyond the usual cleaning. Sometimes it dawns on me and I think, "Hey! I have some really cool stuff!" I didn't plan it. I am a flea market shopper and sometimes these things call my name.

In my kitchen, there is some cookware I prefer. The smaller Le Creuset makes the perfect rice, therefore eliminating the need for another counter kitchen appliance like a rice cooker or instant pot. My morning coffee is not from an electric coffee pot, but either a Le Creuset French Press or an old manual pour-over. There is no other way to keep butter than in a French butter keeper. 

So, my mother taught me when buying the basics (from clothes to cookware) buy one of the best and as long as you take care of these items, you will never have to replace them.

And like my preference for wine, my tastebuds prefer certain condiments. When it comes to jams and jellies, my favorite is Bonne Maman's cherry preserves. Sure it appears I am a hoarder of glass jelly jars, but this certain jar I recycle and use for leftovers and storage of other items. 

The Maille mustard and pickles? It's not about Maille's origin from the 18th century in Marseille, France. It's about when it comes to Dijon mustard, I prefer the taste of Maille. And the cornichons? My family often celebrates Christmas Eve by having a raclette party, complete with cheese, cornichons, and the grill made in France. To keep the gathering in the French tradition, you need cornichons. 

Yeah, I am guilty of collecting cookbooks from drinks to dessert and the appetizers and main course in between. The go-to books I keep close by on the counter. It's just a coincidence that those on the counter are from French-inspired chefs. 

As I think about my kitchen cupboards and china closet there may be a few plates and glasses from France, but I swear - I am not a Francophile.

Stay tuned for Partie Deux and Partie Trois as we tour the rooms of Chez Catie. 

Wine RecommendationAnything rouge and French. Duh... 


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