No, I do not think I am a Francophile, Partie Deux

Continued from Partie Un 

Honestly, I don't believe I set out to bring into my home French-inspired objects, books, and even food. Yes, I set out with the purpose to bring into my home French wine, but that's all. Just wine.

Just the usual signage into the guest bathroom. Doesn't everyone have signage on their guest bathroom door? The truth is there are four doors down that hallway and far too often people would open the door to the coat closet when looking for the bathroom. 

Ignore the Eiffel Tower plaque and the fleur-de-lis (symbol for French royalty) hanger for the hand towel. Purely a coincidence. After all, I needed something to hang guest towels. 

The little ashtrays and miniature pitcher with the Limoges trademark. I picked them up and the little Demi-Jour Houbigant Paris talc container because I thought they were cute. 

Just a little shelf filled with vintage Eiffel Tower memorabilia. old French perfume bottles. and compacts. I just thought they were cute.  

Cobalt blue Eiffel Tower and vintage cobalt Evening in Paris perfume vials. Yeah, I thought they were cute, too. 

So, I wanted my guests to dream about Champagne whether they were in the bathtub or sitting on the... 

Stay tuned for Partie Three with other photos of purely coincidental French-inspired home decor. 

Wine RecommendationAnything blanc and most of all, French


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