Valentine Ephemera

Ephemera (noun): items of collectible memorabilia. things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. 
"There were papers, letters, old boxes—all sorts of ephemera"

Whether I was a small child filled with excitement about the classroom Valentine's party or a jaded adult with mixed feelings about love, I never neglected Valentine's Day - and I still don't. There is always a piece of old Valentine ephemera propped up on the dining room table or hanging from the mantle. There's something about a red heart... 

Other than Christmas, no holiday is more associated with cards than Valentine’s Day. The celebration of Valentine’s Day with cards turns out is older than the printing press, with roots dating back to ancient Rome.

Going through a parent's estate can be a sad and daunting task, but once in a while, there are splendid memories and treasures to be found. We discovered Valentines our mother received when she was in grade school, along with the very first Valentine I ever made. I believe I was in kindergarten when I made the red construction heart accented with a paper doily. 

Through the years if I was visiting an estate sale, I would often be drawn to the old ephemera, especially Valentines, Easter bunnies, Halloween, and Old World Santas. Sometimes if I was in a gift or card shop and there were reproductions of vintage-looking cards, I would buy a few. What dawns on me now is those reproduction cards? I bought those around the 1980s. Looks like they are now considered "vintage." 

The little suitcase is a reproduction, but I had to buy it. After all, I needed a place to store all of the Valentines. 

Wine Recommendations: Of course, you have to toast the love and adoration with a glass of Champagne. 
Happy Valentine's Day. 


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