A Vintage Easter and Memories

There are many wonderful Easter memories I have as a child from the yearly new pair of patent leather shoes in either white or black to blowing yolks out of eggs and decorating the shells. Mom would bring out bags of ribbon, Ric-Rac, buttons, sequins, and glue to decorate the hollow eggs. The following morning she would scramble up a big pan of eggs for breakfast. 

In storage, I have a big plastic box of Easter decor I have collected for the last 40 years. When these items were first collected, I never thought that someday they would be considered "vintage." Today they are vintage. Instead of going into storage, for now, I just gathered a few little things I have packed in the house that are easy to access - and most of all, easy to put away. 

Depression-style glass rabbit with basket and an elaborate hand-sewn beaded and sequined Easter egg lined in pink satin. The beaded egg was gifted to me over 20 years ago.

A collection of eggs and a 1950s cardboard cutout of a chick. 

A crocheted egg with a miniature teddy bear that is jointed and made from mohair - like the collectible vintage bears.

My most treasured Easter possession. I discovered it a few years ago after my brother and my mother died. It was in a little box of greeting cards my mother had saved. It's an Easter card my brother (at the time he had just turned six) gave me when I was only nine months old commemorating my first Easter. 

Whether you celebrate Easter, Ostara, and of course the rebirth of the earth, Spring. May it be a grand day filled full of peace and memories. 

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